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Character Directory[]

Entry 1[]

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "In the Eye of the Beholder".

Otakemaru is considered one of Japan's three greatest yokai, alongside Tamamo-no-Mae and Shuten Doji. He appears in legends as a demon god who resided in the Suzuka Mountains along the border of Ise and Omi Provinces. He is said to have possessed great supernatural power, with the ability to fly, summon storms, or even cause fire to rain down from the sky. By order of the emperor, Otakemaru was eventually killed by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, and his remains sealed in Byodo-In. It was said that Otakemaru could never be killed as long as he had his three holy swords, and since the swords were capable of repairing themselves in the event of them being damaged, Otakemaru was essentially invincible.

Entry 2[]

Unlock: To unlock, defeat Otakemaru x2.

Kashin Koji, the mysterious man whose red eyes each contain three pupils, was really a form of Otakemaru who was sealed, who was sealed in Byodo-In. The seal containing Otakemaru was weakened due to the ongoing war, allowing a small amount of his Anima to escape and coalesce into the form of Kashin Koji. Acting in the shadows, Kashin Koji's goal was to set his true self free. Otakmaru was once persecuted by humanity, leading to his vehement hatred for the entire human race. There is no doubt that if ever a day would come when Otakemaru escaped his prison, he would not hesitate to kill every living soul in Japan.

=== Entry 3 ===

Unlock: To unlock, defeat Otakemaru x3.

The three swords Otakemaru wields are known collectively as the Sanmyoke. The Sanmyoken is made up of Daitoren, Shotoren, and Kenmyoren, and three swords are considered treasures of the heavens themselves. It is said that Otakemaru's ability to summon lightning or fire from the sky is due to the power that resides within these holy swords. If this theory proves true, it may perhaps be possible to predict which of his attacks he will use next depending on the sword he holds in his hand.


  • Otakemaru Soul Core
  • Smithing Text: Tosa Governor's Armour
  • Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig
  • Barbarian's Hatchets
  • Ebony Tonfa
  • Tenegashima Matchlock
  • Royal Horned Helm
  • Bonepile Spear
  • Great Chidori Cross Spear
  • Tiger of Higo's Greaves
  • Red Demon Greaves
  • Seething Dragon
  • Hand Cannon
  • Bloodspider Blade
  • Demon's Axe
  • Child of the Sun's Helmet
  • Ichigo Hitofuri & Oyako Toshiro
  • Longbow
  • White Bone Spirit Tonfa
  • Rotten Rope Cutter
  • Tokagemaru


Final Mission: In the Eye of the Beholder