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Entry 1

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Mumyo is the leader of the Sohaya, a clan of yokai hunters. She rushes to Mount Tatara in Mino when she hears rumors of the strange events taking place there, believing yokai to be responsible. There she meets the protagonist and Tokichiro. She does not look kindly on the protagonist's Shiftling nature, believing any creature that possesses yokai blood to be her enemy.

Entry 2

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Having saved the protagonist and Tokichiro by chance when they meet again, Mumyo joins the two on their journey. lending her aid from behind the scenes when they become vassals to the Oda clan.

During the siege of Inabayama Castle, the protagonist's dagger and the sword guard that Mumyo wears around her neck as a talisman appear to resonate with one another, glowing brightly.

During the retreat from Kanegasaki, Mumyo guides the Hideyoshi army to an abandoned village when their path is cut off by the enemy. Mumyo and the protagonist attempt to elimate the vengeful spirits and yokai in the area when their dagger and Mumyo's sword guard begin to glow again and the spirits are laid to rest. Mumyo is convinced that these events are related to a legend of the Sohaya clan, and reveals who she really is to the protagonist.

=== Entry 3 ===

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Mumyo continues to lend her support to Hideoyoshi as their rise to power continues. But everything changes when Nobunaga is killed by Akechi Mitsuhide during the Honnoji incident. After being defeated by Tokichiro and escaping with his life, Mitsuhide reveals that Tokichiro and the mysterious man with the staff were the instigators of the rebellion. The protagonist and Mumyo decide to part ways with Tokichiro.

The protagonist kills Tokichiro during the battle of Komaki and Nagakute. Immediately after this happens, peaceful yokai begin to transform into raging aratama, attacking humans and plunging the battlefield into even greater chaos. Mumyo and the protagonist flee together, but are seperated when they are attacked by Koroku, who has transformed into an aratama. The protagonist is subsequently killed by Tokichiro , who has been resurrected by the man with the staff.

=== Entry 4 ===

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission ????.

When the protagonist returns from the Interim, Mumyo rejoins them and the pair set out to restore the blade Sohayamaru. With the blade restored, the protagonist finally defeats both Tokichiro and the man with the staff who was possessing him.

Time passes, and Mumyo is eventually reunited with the protagonist when they reawaken in Byodo-In. They are joined by William, a samurai who hails from a different land.

Awaking to the fact that simply slaughtering the yokai she despises will never lead to a world without war, Mumyo heads deep into Byodo-In. After the fighting is over, Mumyo and the protagonist look up at a cherry blossom tree. There is no telling when the seeds of war will take root once again. Mumyo invites the protagonist to join her in protecting the peace of their world, and the pair depart for a destination unknown.


  • Smithing Text: Black Lotus
  • Smithing Text: Wooden Switchglaive


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